Stan Moulton

Ward 1 City Councilor

Northampton, MA


Working together for one city

  • Member, Committee on Finance

  • Member, Committee on Legislative Matters

  • Member, ARPA Community Recovery Projects
    Advisory Commission & Review Committee

Current News

2211, 2023

Support for Beit Ahavah

Beit Ahavah, the Reform Synagogue of Greater Northampton, was the victim of a hate crime when it was attacked with an emailed bomb threat on Sunday, Nov. 19. That led to the evacuation of the building at 130 Pine St. in Florence, which the synagogue shares with the Florence Congregational [...]

Northampton City Council


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The City Council during 2022 took action on critical issues including the housing crisis, climate emergency, diversifying participation in municipal government, relief for renters, zoning reforms, the impact of adult-use retail marijuana dispensaries and hiring new department heads.

Among the highlights:

  • Approving an order seeking special legislation to ban rental brokers from charging fees to prospective tenants.

  • Approving an order seeking special legislation to allow an ordinance requiring “new and substantially remodeled or rehabilitated buildings to use electricity for all building energy needs.”

  • Approving an order seeking special legislation to adopt ranked-choice voting in municipal elections, which is designed to increase participation and encourage more diversity. It is the final piece of legislation resulting from recommendations made by the Charter Review Committee that I chaired in 2019.

  • Establishing¬† a select committee to study barriers to service on city boards and committees, and opportunities for the city to work with residents to overcome those barriers. The committee is expected to submit its findings and recommendations by April 15.

  • Adopting a resolution, which I cosponsored, supporting the Fair Share Amendment that was approved by voters in the Nov. 8 state election. It levies an additional 4 percent tax on the portion of a household’s income above $1 million, and dedicates that new revenue to education, as well as repairing and maintaining roads, bridges and public transportation.

  • Approving $664,068 in Community Preservation Act funds for the redevelopment of the former nursing home at 737 Bridge Road into 60 units of affordable housing by Valley Community Development Corp. of Northampton.

  • Approving $500,000 in Community Preservation Act funds for exterior repairs to St. John Cantius Church at 10 Hawley St., which the O’Connell Development Group of Holyoke proposes to convert to 10 market-rate apartments.

  • Approving $100,000 to buy the former Moose Lodge property at 196 Cooke¬† Ave. for between two and four affordable or mixed-income housing units, as well as access to the Fitzgerald Lake-Broad Brook Greenway.

  • Approving the expanded Health and Human Services Department that includes the new Community Care Department.

  • Approving the promotions of Patrick McCarthy as director of the Central Services Department, and Carolyn Misch as director of the Department of Planning & Sustainability.

  • Approving a package of 14 zoning ordinances related to the so-called “form-based” code that affects the central business district in downtown Northampton, as well as Florence village center. The changes merge design standards with expanded uses for properties to encourage more multifamily housing, allow residences on the ground floor of commercial buildings, and create more spaces that are attractive for pedestrians and bicyclists.

  • Banning the use of wild and exotic animals in performances or exhibitions in Northampton intended as entertainment.

  • Sponsoring roundtable discussions examining the impact of the 12 adult-use retail marijuana dispensaries that had opened in Northampton since 2018 (one has since closed). A proposed ordinance that would cap those dispensaries at 12 was introduced in December and the City Council voted 6-3 to approve it in January.

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